Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meet the ShankSisters! The Original LolliDoo Seamstresses

As a first-time cloth diaper/apparel designer, finding good folks to work with locally was difficult to do.  I selected a local manufacturing firm to help us create our original samples, those we'd display at the ABC Expo.  Multiple factors played into the diapers being less-than optimal to take to the show with us; I was distressed as we were just days from the show.

The answer came one day when my husband's life-long bestest friend in the Whole Wide World came over to help him work on our deck.  "Call my mom!" was his response to my disappointment.

I called Rose that afternoon and it was probably one of the smartest decisions I've made through the course of our journey so far.

Rose and her sister Joey have been lifesavers.  Not only did they create (and continue to create) the most MAGNIFICENT of diapers within mere DAYS of our departure for the Expo, they are beautiful women with amazing talent and creativity.  

And...we have the most fun business meetings *I've* ever been privy to!

Rose and Joey make the most imaginative creations from reclaimed materials, repurposing items in ways that are most remarkable.  A jazz hat made from found upholstery fabric swatchbooks; a pumpkin handbag with an old CD as a base with sumptuous fabric they'd received free from a wary yard-saler; a chicken pin-cushion fashioned from an old plaid flannel shirt and stuffed with birdseed.

I am truly blessed to have access to their extraordinary services, as well as their friendship, as they are, indeed, women of distinction.

See the ShankSisters blog and etsy.com shop:



Many and most sincere thanks to Rose and Joey.  Welcome to LolliDoo!  I hope you stick around for a while. :)

They're almost ready!

Things are coming together.

I've been busy ordering up our bulk fabrics, preparing for the manufacturing process...writing sewing instructions for our seamstresses, preparing workspaces, yadda yadda.

Ali put together some initial sales projections and we're gearing up to meet them.

We've got moms out there, putting our samples through the literal wringer :).

It's happening!

The colors are GORGEOUS!  The fit is trim.  The butt is dry.  They're awesome!!!

Watch out!  LolliDoo(TM) is coming!!!