Monday, November 17, 2008

The Power of a Stitch: An update

You do not know the power of a stitch until you have a kick-ass stitch to work with.

I am so blessed a woman to now have in my sewing room a serger of untold features and benefits.  I can't believe the creativity unleashed and the ease with which it's accomplished with one little piece of equipment (now that I've begun to figure out how to THREAD the darned thing...).  I made my first prototype with some new stitches today and I AM SEW IN LOVE!!!  (Ha!  Yes, I just said "sew in love.")

Everyone's been so patient in waiting to have a LolliDoo in hand, but the going to be SO worth it.  LolliDoo For You(R) and the LolliDoo Two(R) (traditional pocket and all-in-one) are not only ingenious in their functionality, they're truly works of art.

And you KNOW it!  That IS me tooting my own.  The LolliDoo diaper is a creation born of much in literal blood, sweat, and tears.  Never in my wildest dreams as a child, young woman, parent, did I imagine that I'd one day have this...whole experience.  The fruits of this journey have turned out to be so sweet and varied, a colloquial paradigm shift and personal growth akin to childbirth.  It's such a beautiful thing.

I am SO proud.  I can't wait for everyone to have one in their hands!

We're still on schedule to meet our January availability, too, so everyone be watching your mail or email boxes or come back here for updates and ordering instructions.